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Re: Tom Cruise is a brainwashed himbo
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"Well, I AM an adult, and the kid is dead-on. Check out any newpaper article on the subject and you'll see that Cruise's blockbuster status is not what it used to be. While "Collateral" may have gotten som critical claim, it was Jamie Foxx, not CrazyCruise, who got all the buzz. Vanilla Sky was a flop, both in terms of money and reviews.

Now, for your views on Psychiatry: Are you a Scientologist as well, or just a run-of-the-mill, red-state ignoramus? You haven't the foggiest idea what the field of Psychiatry encompasses, nor presumably the meaning of the term "science" itself. Psychology is a recognized science because, like all sciences, its theories are tested, restested, and consistently provide reliable, repeatable results. Moreover, there's a lot more to Psychiatry than sitting on a couch, pissing and moaning about your problems - therapy is just one part of Psychiatry. And to claim that it is a pseudo-science because the doctors ask you to "try out" a medicine to see how it performs for you is ludicrous. Last time I checked, real bona-fide doctors do that all the time - "Try out this Flonase and see how you do on it. If you don't like it, we'll switch you to Clarinex," etc. Any doctor can tell you that there are personal variables that make some drugs a better fit for certain individuals, and that a little trial and error goes along with the territory. It certainly cannot support neophyte's ridiculous assertion that any practice that does this is a "pseudo-science."

Let's be perfectly clear here: Tom Cruise hates Psychiatry because $cientology has brainwashed him to do so. The little man hasn't uttered an original thought in years. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a summarized (and often garbled and incoherent) sound-bite of what he has been told by L.Ron's goons. And $cientology hates Psychiatry because L.Ron made the eradication of psychiatry its secondary goal (after ridding the world of the dead space aliens that inhabit each and every one of us - no, really), presumably because $cientology wants to corner the market on self-help efforts. This sounds too crazy to be true, but look it up - $cientology is some seriously crrazzy shit. Let's not help Tom in his insance crusade by giving any sort of credence to his rantings."

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Dear Bibleline ministries,

Your site is not backwards about coming forwards is it? :-)

According to your site:

"all that believe are justified from all things"

So according to your dogma a guy who molests kids and then suddenly turns round and says "Jesus saves" is more justifiable in his actions than a good, kind and charitable person.
Nice going, geniuses.

Good luck with the IQ test.

someone whose parents aren't blood-related

Wikileaks : Legalese for beginners

Is Wikileaks concerned about any legal consequences?

Our roots are in dissident communities and our focus is on non-western authoritarian regimes. Consequently we believe a politically motivated legal attack on us would be seen as a grave error in western administrations. However, we are prepared, structurally and technically, to deal with all legal attacks. We design the software, and promote its human rights agenda, but the servers are run by anonymous volunteers. Because we have no commercial interest in the software, there is no need to restrict its distribution. In the very unlikely event that we were to face coercion to make the software censorship friendly, there are many others who will continue the work in other jurisdictions.

Which is legalese for "we're doing it and it's not in your interest to stop us", and goes on to say "but if you're really dumb enough to sue us - then bring it on" and then "but you'd be wasting your time since we have no money and you'll never find us anyway" and ends with "we are a Lernean Hydra of an organisation, if you cut off a head, two more will grow in its place".

Their FAQ also includes my favourite sentence so far this week:

"Where there is a lack of freedom, and injustice is enshrined in law, there is a place for principled civil disobedience"

That doesn't sound like a threat, more like a promise. Damn, this site is sexy. I guess this must be our cue for picking up pitchforks and raiding the village granary. Aux armes citoyens.

Fun Facts About The French

Fun Facts About The French

* A Frenchman will fight viciously and without regard for his own life if you stand between him and a white flag.

* Rumor has it that the French don’t like bathing. This rumor comes from them smelling.

* To get with modern times they have adopted a stance of pre-emptive surrender.

* During the cola wars, France was occupied by Pepsi for six months.

* They like to sell weapons to enemies of America. But come on – what kinds of pansies use French weapons?

* Their language not being quite as effeminate as they would like, they also wear berets.

* The Eiffel tower was constructed so that they would have something very tall to wave a
white flag from in case of attack.

* In ancient times, primitive Frenchmen surrendered to thunderstorms.

* They actually have a military, though what purpose it serves is unknown.

Euthanasia : murder? Or on act of love?

How my mother goes about buying electronics:

stage 1) she complains that the one she bought "only" five years ago needs replacing

stage 2) she asks for my advice

stage 3) I ask her what she needs, at what price

stage 4) she shouts at me and tells me she doesn't want any fuss & that I should just do it

stage 5) I research everything I can , ask friends etc, then get back to her with the best thing for her target price

stage 6) she wanders into an electronics shop in between two errands and buys the first thing any guy in a name-tag bullies her into getting, ignoring every spec I gave her.

stage 7) it breaks

stage 8) it's MY fault

stage 9) I get shouted at

stage 10) I fix it

11th and final stage) My mother reckons she "got a great deal" when buying

This is why, I have to kill these people.

Yes, well quite - horses for courses people!

by Madalyn Aslan

Today there are more theories than ever about why children behave in certain ways. Astrology advises that every child has different needs depending on the time they were born. Common behaviors labeled "problems" can be natural-born inclinations.

For instance, your overly hyperactive youngster may not have ADD after all – if she's a Gemini that is. Gemini children naturally multi-task; they really can hear what you're saying while they watch TV, talk on the phone and finish their homework, all at the same time. Don't rush to the baby optometrist because your infant Aquarian doesn't blink. He's just staring into space (probably outer space) as brilliant Aquarius babies do!

And you don't have to secretly panic that your tiny crab may grow up to be a sociopath. Periods of seclusion improve the Cancer child's health. The same goes for worrying about your Capricorn kid who's having trouble sleeping at night. Relax, Capricorn children are naturally nocturnal. Meal-time problems? Get hip: Taurus eats a lot, Virgo little. Laziness with homework? Aries does best when it's made into a contest or race – Pisces when the lesson is told through a story (preferably a fairytale).

J.K. Rowling, the author of the highly imaginative Harry Potter series, understands the role astrology can play in shaping any child. Her colorful characters are spread across the entire zodiac, demonstrating the endearing – and sometimes infuriating – idiosyncrasies of each astrological sign.

When I was asked to write a column for parents on children's horoscopes, I concentrated on six areas – eating and sleeping patterns, learning behavior, socialization, discipline and sibling rivalry. What I found out was mind-blowing! The zodiac sets it all up from day one. I now tell parents they can save themselves years of worry by remembering one simple rule. Don't try to fit your kids all into one mold. They are as individual as the time and place they were born.

Aries – Your exclamation mark kid
Your Aries child knows what he or she wants. Born of fire, these kids are bold, energetic and daring – and can also be bossy, demanding and loud! You can help them by igniting their enthusiasm and supporting their dreams and ambitions. As the first sign of the zodiac, they must come first in everything. Aries energy is like a ram's – forward-moving and unstoppable. Harry Potter's irrepressible Aries twins, Fred and George Weasley, were born on April 1.

Taurus – Your miracle worker kid
Your Taurus child is a perceptive problem solver with relentlessly strong energy. Use hugs and cuddles to get him or her to do what requests or commands won't. Taurus is an earth sign and farmers plant their crops during Taurus. It's no coincidence that Harry Potter's Taurus is Professor Pomona Sprout. This earthy witch born May 15 holds class in a greenhouse and gets her first name from the Roman goddess of fruit trees. Taurus bears fruit, slowly, surely and beautifully.

Gemini – Your magical juggler kid
Your Gemini, in many places at once, needs lots of space and no worries. He or she is talkative, curious and funny. These multi-tasking Peter Pans of the zodiac are given to sleeping little, daydreaming a lot and starting to chatter earlier than most kids. They're smart, gifted and they think fast. This double-sided twin energy is enticingly represented by Harry Potter's nemesis Draco Malfoy. Born a Gemini twin on June 5, he can truly be on either side.

Cancer – Your sensitive family kid
Your Cancer child has antennae at the end of their emotions – their feelings go that far. And their brilliant memories don't let go of anything and this includes you. They're protective and family-oriented and from infancy know how to make you laugh. It's important that mother is happy because psychic baby crab picks up everything! Cancer rules the house and home so it's no surprise that Harry Potter's Dobby, whose birthday is June 28, is the house elf who is super–protective of Harry.

Leo – Your charismatic leader kid
Your Leo cub is royally popular and proud of their family, for you are literally their pride – of lions. Having a discipline problem? Just say "you don't look attractive when you do that" and they'll stop. Your young star is generous, original, enthusiastic and born to be in the spotlight – just like Leo Harry Potter himself born July 31 – who has greater powers than any of his peers. And, no surprise, July 31 is the birthday of author J.K. Rowling, Leo master creator of all!

Virgo – Your helpful truth-telling kid
Your Virgo child is smart, giving, loving and constructively critical. Virgos love deeply and try hard, so go easy on the discipline. You only have to show your little Virgo something once and he or she will remember it always. Harry Potter's Hermione Granger, whose birthday is September 19, is the perfect Virgo. The most critical and clever girl at Hogwarts, she's rabid about rules and constantly haranguing her beloved Ron Weasley about behaving like a proper prefect!

Libra – Your it's-all-about-fairness kid
Your Libra child is charming, idealistic and a debater. Encourage their creativity and artistic talents and make sure they have access to a library. Don't yell. They need peace, harmony, beauty and manners. When it comes to making decisions, help them by suggesting a solution gently several times and be prepared to give them plenty of time. The Libran love for justice is exemplified perfectly by Harry Potter's strict and fair Professor Minerva McGonagall who is responsible for her students' good manners and whose birthday is October 4.

Scorpio – Your probing transformer kid
Your Scorpio child is intense, determined, loyal, intuitive and fiercely protective of their siblings, even if they fight with them. Their room has a huge Do Not Disturb sign on the door and is likely to be bare inside. They are smart beyond their years, making you wonder how on earth they got such street smarts. Never underestimate a Scorpio – their influence is felt everywhere, just like Harry Potter's Molly Weasley born Oct 30. Remember how she sends Howlers and insists on the color maroon (a Scorpio color) even though her son Ron hates it? That's Scorpio!

Sagittarius – Your mover and shaker kid
Your Sagittarius child is fun, blunt and adventurous, and tells it like it is. The original kid in The Emperor's New Clothes who shouts out "But he's not wearing any clothes!" is a true Sag kid. Endlessly curious, these go-getters love to take risks, fearlessly charging through their lives. Harry Potter's half-giant Hagrid whose birthday is December 6 is the perfect Sagittarius giant kid – kind, sometimes irresponsible, never malicious and drawn to strange magical creatures.

Capricorn – Your wise idealist kid
Your Capricorn child is persistent, idealistic, sweet and disciplined. Goats are typically born old and get younger as they grow older. The one thing these children are not is flighty or superficial, however they behave. Parents and caretakers need to teach these serious youngsters how to relax and have fun. Harry Potter's Professor Severus Snape, born January 9, is the quintessential Capricorn – a dedicated teacher who takes on challenges and makes brave and difficult decisions.

Aquarius – Your analytical humanitarian kid
Your Aquarius child is rebellious, creative and passionate about the truth. Aquarius rules the future and these kids can hear things that haven't even been said yet. They are brilliant but may need help with manifesting their thoughts into something concrete. They also love to experiment, investigate and explore. Arthur Weasley's birthday is February 6 and he is a typical Aquarian: easygoing, open-minded and humanitarian enough to be kind to Muggles who everyone else dismisses.

Pisces – Your creative dreamer kid
Your Pisces child is sensitive, sympathetic, psychic and loves critters. These softies are devoted to their siblings but can feel left out in the family and may need more attention. They are such daydreamers because they have fins, not feet, and so have trouble keeping their feet on the ground and living in the material money world. Ron Weasley's birthday is March 1 and he became Harry's best friend by helping him out (onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters) and has everything second hand, including his wand!

That'll be a big cleaning bill

Some bright spark on Youtube has paired a recording of Paris Hiltons new song "turn it up" with a peformance made by (the late) Britney Spears.

The whole thing fits together terrifyingly well. If it's true as many say, that Britney, THE Britney, is never coming back - it suddenly dawns on me just how similar this Paris Hilton track is to a Britney track (in a passionless, clichéd kind of way of course). Is she being groomed as Britney's replacement? If she is then someone please tell me, because I don't want to live in that world. A world where I have to take contracts out on people I've never even met. It's just not healthy for me.

It's all about snakes. On a plane.

Dear manager/ess of the Open Air Cinema,

It was with great eagerness that I scoured your scheduled movies programming for July. Try to imagine for a moment my disappointment when I found that you have scheduled not a single showing for this coming Summer's blockbuster-to-be movie "Snakes on a Plane".
This is an outrage.

The movie "Snakes on a Plane" (directed by David Richard Ellis, famed assistant director of the 1993 Madonna epic "Body of Evidence) is about snakes, on a plane. Snakes? On a plane? Awesome! It stars the incredibly versatile Mr Samuel L. Jackson, whom I found simply amazing in "The Green Mile" and of course the cult classic "Reservoir Dogs". I actually had the pleasure of catching Jackson on a rerun of "The Actor's Studio" the other night; people tend to forget just how much hard work and dedication these actors put into their craft and I was looking forward to experiencing more of Jackson extensive talent this summer. But alas - no! You had other ideas!

Therefore it is with great regret that I shall be staging a week-long boycott of your cinema, starting July 21st and ending on July 28th (I know that you are closed on July 28th and so my boycott for that evening will be merely a symbolic one).
I am sorry that it had to come to this, but I know that there are others who will stand by me.

Nance Cooper